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  • Pharmacology Statistics
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  • Health Statistics
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  • Transport Statistics
  • Econometric Statistics
  • Nursing Statistics
  • Many other forms of Statistics
Why select StatsBusters for your quantitative analysis? We have assisted thousands of students and professors with quantitative studies helping them design research methodologies, build databases, and analyze data. When you work with us, you will be receiving quantitative analysis assistance specific to your field and degree program.

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    I strongly recommend StatsBusters.  Hired StatsBusters to investigate student retention and strategy interventions.  Best move I ever made.  Excellent knowledge of measures of association such as hypothesis testing and ANOVA analysis.

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    I needed to analyze how employees handle their inbox messaging systems.  The statistical consultants at StatsBusters were highly professional and took time to explain the results of my survey.  Would hire StatsBusters again for statistical services.

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    Completed my Psychology MSc. by evaluating whether Ten Item Personality Inventory (TIPI) had an impact on client's perceptions of sports massage therapists.  Dr. B was very knowledgeable.  He spent the time to meet with me in London.  Graduated with ease!  Thanks Dr. B for all your help!!!

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    My dissertation involved a lot of graphs, time series analysis, and measures of association.  I investigated whether catheters treated with antibiotics were more effective than silicone catheters.  StatsBusters analytics consultants helped me smoothly through my degree.  Highly recommend.

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    Dissertation Help

    Do you require dissertation help?  StatsBusters offers personalized, comprehensive, and friendly dissertation help and statistical services during and after your consultation with us via phone and email. We do not consider our job done until your work is approved, and you are completely comfortable with the work.  
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    Data Analysis

    You have probably reached StatsBusters because you searched for the phrase data analysis online.  We can certainly help with your dissertation data analysis needs. You should hire a data analyst for several reasons.  For example, if a person invented a new product or service, they would obtain a lawyer to secure a patent.  This is because a patent attorney has expertise in a highly technical field.  The same is true for analyzing data for your dissertation.  You may have created a new theory or seek to explore some new concept, but unless you possess strong knowledge of data analysis, it is best to seek a statistical consultants advice.
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  • Dissertation Writing Services

    Dissertation Writing Services

    Do you require dissertation writing services?   Postgraduate students are typically given a personal tutor for their dissertation and the tutors are typically overwhelmed with supervision.  We wanted to provide more specialized tutorial services and help students with their dissertation writing as professional consultants. StatsBusters consultants are willing to meet with you in London and help you through every step of the dissertation process.  StatsBusters has helped thousands of masters degree and doctoral candidates receive their degree and many clients have published in journal articles.  
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    Dissertation Proposal Assistance

    At StatsBusters, we have received a lot of queries about how to write a dissertation proposal.  This is especially true as the number of studentships that require quantitative methodology planning have exploded. We are happy to provide coaching services, proofing, and ghost writing for dissertation proposals.  We will have our experts review the literature, develop methodology, establish a timescale, generate a budget, and revise your CV so that you can gain the upper hand in the short-listing process.  These heavily involved key elements of your dissertation proposal are exactly what review panels will investigate when selecting a PhD candidate.
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    Assignment Help

    StatsBusters consultants are happy to provide assignment help and tutoring to undergraduate students.  We will help you calculate power statistics, conduct literature reviews, create methodology, conduct surveys, analyze data, and edit essays for undergraduate coursework or final year dissertations. Why is it important to seek out assignment help from a private tutoring service?  A student's marks throughout university count heavily in obtaining employment upon graduation.  Our consultants are all university educators who possess the experience to help with your assessment submissions.
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    Career Coach

    Why hire a career coach? There are literary thousands of resumes and CVs submissions for every online job posting.  We could help you stand out of the crowd.  In addition to having regular sessions with a human resources executive, we offer as part of a package, a personalized website to host your CV/resume; branding via social websites such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter; CV/resume creation and proof reading; mock interviews with an industry expert; and documentary film making to showcase on your personalized CV. Our career coaching services will help you create an online reputation and protect it.  Specifically, we have the talent and ability to ensure that your CV/resume rises to the top of Google for key search terms and will work with you every step of the way to stand out from the crowd.
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